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        Home>Supplier>Shanghai Send Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

        Shanghai Send Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

        Shanghai Send Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

        Certified Store
        China Shanghai Pudong New Area

        Shanghai Send Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd

        • Verification Type : Certified Store
        • Business Type : Custom-Made
        • Member Since : 2012-03-10
        • Location : China Shanghai Pudong New Area

        Shanghai Send Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd(Send Pharm) is a high-tech company specializing in R&D and manufacturing of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates, and also providing market and excellent technical service. Send Pharm commits to researching and developing APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates of generic drugs,and builds a platform with technology innovation.Send Pharm builds up an elite team whose members are young and energetic with professional and technical experience and excellent management ability. Send Pharm has research and quality center in shanghai headquarter, experienced technical persons and quality control specialists, and co-operating manufacturing site to ensure that Send Pharm provides high quality product and professional service. Our major products include antitumor drugs, antiviral drugs and related intermediates, about 2000 kinds of stocks. Send pharm also builts its name in the oncology market, became supplier for lots of foreign clients with our partners which create high-quality sustainable cooperation and profit maximization for clients. Meanwhile, we focus on new products and process innovation, including small scale, pilot scale to industrialization production. Taking ‘Faith-based and service-oriented!’as a mission, supplying high quality products and high quality service to our client,the growing Send Pharm hope to cooperation with your company early.

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